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Candida, Fat AND Fruit

If you have a candida problem, then how about these ideas for breakfast?
17 oranges?, or
10 bananas?, or
1 giant Formosa papaya + a giant Kent mango?, or
250g of kale blended with 6 oranges?

"...But I can't eat fruit!", I hear you saying!

If you keep off the fat, then it's highly likely that you'll be able to eat all the fruit you like. I was in exactly the same predicament. Fruit used to trigger all my old symptoms. In fact even if I kept off fruit, my symptoms were still there, but just at a manageable level.

Now I can eat 20 to 30 pieces of fruit a day, as long as I keep off fat, nuts, seeds, avocados, oil, meat, dairy, cakes, biscuits, and any other fat foods.

The reason?

Fat is very slow to process. It slows your digestion down. If you have fruit as well, the fruit tries to race through your digestion and can't. You end up getting wind, poor digestion, fermentation in your gut, diarrhoea and possibly end up pebble dashing the loo 6 times a day! ... and that is a minor issue! ...

Eventually the fat gets into your blood stream, again it hangs around. It gets everywhere and coats cells, and it coats insulin, it slows everything down. It makes insulin less effective, so that your body has to produce more of it. Unfortunately, in some people, it just causes elevated blood sugar levels, especially if you eat carbohydrate rich foods like fruit, bread, sugar and so on. The elevated blood sugar levels are not caused by the fruit sugar, but by the fact that the insulin is less effective due to fat that is still hanging around.

How do you make yeast grow? Give it a high sugar environment to live in. If your body has lots of sugar spikes, caused by eating fat AND fruit then the candida will thrive. The fruit sugars will end up just feeding the candida. The candida will rob you of all those calories that should be going to your muscles. The fat will stop those calories getting to those muscles. The toxins (excrement and dead yeast) from the candida will make you feel like the pits.

It's not the fruit that's the problem, but fat AND fruit that causes problems. I don't mean in the same meal, I mean within a few days of each other.

Cut out the fat, let your body clear over a couple of days (or go on a two day fast), then start eating fruit like there's no tomorrow. Also eat 1 to 2 pounds of leafy greens a day.

What is likely to happen then?

Within minutes of eating fruit, digestion will start to take place. In 10 to 20 minutes sugar will enter your blood stream and your pancreas will produce insulin. That insulin will do what it's supposed to do because there's only very low levels of fat in your bloodstream. The blood sugar will then very quickly enter your muscles where it will be converted to energy, and WOW you will know you have energy! Now what? ... go and do some exercise!

After a few weeks all those toxins that are still kicking around will eventually be kicked out and WOW you will experience joy like you've never had!

In some people, fat AND fruit is not an issue. Maybe their body is able to produce the extra insulin needed to prevent the large blood sugar spikes. For the rest of us with fatigue tendencies, blood sugar issues or diabetic problems then keeping off all forms of fat (except tiny amounts like an odd tablespoon of seeds every other day) will benefit health and energy levels massively.

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