Why Eat More Raw?

I would like to encourage you to try and EatMoreRaw food! My diet is almost exclusively low fat plant based whole food, with a very large portion of it being raw and uncooked.

In changing my lifestyle, I have changed my progressively degenerating health into progressively increasing health. I have a lighter and more youthful body. My energy levels are massively improved and numerous niggling health issues have either vanished or greatly improved.

If I’ve met you and you want to know what all the fuss is about then this is for you. If you are sick of being sick, want to experience a more youthful body, or want to be more energetic then read on.

I continually add information to this site and send out helpful information in my newsletter to help interested or needy people. I share about my health journey, the valuable lessons I’ve learned, and very interesting knowledge I pick up along the way. I talk about my ups and downs and look at different questions raised, often addressing controversial topics, many of which go against mainstream views.

The picture to the right above was taken before I started improving my diet and lifestyle, and the picture below is me after.

I’m often asked about my diet and lifestyle, people give me a range of responses from personal attack up to amazement. “I couldn’t do that!”, “what do you eat?”, or “where do you get your protein?” are typical responses. However, many people show a real interest and have some genuine questions about how to apply some of what I’ve learned in their own lives.

If that describes you, then please take a look at my blog, read my story and check out the links on my website. If you want to be healthier, fitter, or just to feel good, then an excellent way keep informed of the latest developments is to sign up to my newsletter.

Where’s the evidence for doing what I do? and what should you do about it?

The evidence is… do it and see what improvements it gives…. It’s better felt than telt! If you want to see evidence in other people, then there are many many on-line testimonies, and there’s me too. On a one to one, face to face, I will tell you how low I became, and go into …

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Avoiding Obesity

Avoiding Obesity Obesity doesn’t exist in nature and wild animals eat as much as they can get. When we eat an unnatural diet many of us get all sorts of cravings and end up overeating and piling on the weight. The most addictive foods have a high carb high fat (50/50) combination, often with salt …

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