Leaving Comments

All comments are moderated. Please note that whenever leaving a comment, then I need to be able to make sure that you are a real person and not a spamming robot! If leaving a comment then try to ensure that you refer to something in the site, or the article or mention my name.

Example comment that will not be approved: ”great article” from… a domain name or email address.

Example comment that is likely to be approved: ”great article stuart. I like what you said about…” from a real name or nick name.

Email addresses are not published. It helps to leave one though if you want me to be able to contact you. I will only publish links if they are clearly linked to the subject matter and likely to be of benefit to this website and the readers.

Some of my articles are written based on questions that people ask and comments that they leave. Where this is the case, any unique identifying features that could link the article to you will be removed. If I feel the article would carry more credibility or create more of an impact by associating it with you then I will ask first.