Jun 23 2014

Where’s the evidence for doing what I do? and what should you do about it?

The evidence is… do it and see what improvements it gives…. It’s better felt than telt! If you want to see evidence in other people, then there are many many on-line testimonies, and there’s me too. On a one to one, face to face, I will tell you how low I became, and go into gory details to you or anyone else if they are sincerely interested.

I would rather have my mind, my energy and my health than ANYTHING else after God…. even if that means people disown me… even my own family (none have). I say this because I was so so unhappy, fatigued and lacked energy and had some very unpleasant chronic conditions.

As a result of what I did, things turned around for me. I am SO MUCH happier and relationships around me improved vastly as my health and confidence soared. My way of eating (or abstinence from certain things), and keeping healthy comes with me now, and I still do have to assert that now and again. I will not sacrifice my own health or harm myself (a temple of the Holy Spirit) just to fall in line with someone else’s expectations with what I should or shouldn’t put through my mouth, or do, or not do.

As for you….be strong and be brave. Go and do what you need to do to make your own body strong and healthy. Learn how to love and take care of yourself, then you’ll then have so much more energy to love and take care of others, life is so much more rewarding and more fun that way! The second greatest commandment that anyone could follow is to love someone as they love themselves. If you hate yourself, de-value yourself, or disrespect yourself in such a way that you don’t even want to take care of yourself, then it makes it so much more difficult to love and take care of others.

If someone want’s to disown you for you wanting to turn around your own health then that is up to them. Some people have made it pretty clear to me that they do not respect me, what I do, or my views. I just get over it and hang around with others who do! For the vast majority of people, although they say they couldn’t do it themselves (I believe anyone can!), they do hold me in high regards, which I find it quite an honour. I also have so many more friends nowadays. Was what I did the right thing to do? Oh most definitely!!!! If I could turn back the clock, I would have done it 30 years ago.

I’ll end with one of my favourite quotes… Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. Bernard M. Baruch.

Bless you!

Stuart :-)


Mar 29 2014

Avoiding Obesity

Avoiding Obesity

Obesity doesn’t exist in nature and wild animals eat as much as they can get. When we eat an unnatural diet many of us get all sorts of cravings and end up overeating and piling on the weight. The most addictive foods have a high carb high fat (50/50) combination, often with salt added. Nature doesn’t provide this type of diet, this was explained in a recent BBC documentary called ‘Sugar v fat’.

Just look at slim and healthy communities in other countries and mirror what they do. They generally eat a high carb, whole food, plant based diet with only small amounts of animal products, and no refined or processed food.

I’m a food addict, but only when I cave in to foods that I know don’t contribute to my health and well-being. After much prayer and a prompting from God, once I learned what helpful and unhelpful foods were and modified my lifestyle accordingly, I lost over 3 stone in weight, and recovered from chronic fatigue, IBS and depression plus quite a few other ailments. Also my taste buds and sense of smell have greatly improved now that I’m not nuking them with intense flavours and salt. I enjoy food much more now and I eat as much as I like.

Occasional fasting is a fantastic spiritual and physical discipline too. This I also find much easier nowadays, as avoiding junk food means that I don’t get as many hunger pangs or cravings.

Kind regards, Stuart Porter :-)

Mar 07 2014

If I had cancer, what would I do?

If I had cancer, what would I do?

Cancer is the body’s reaction to an unhealthy environment within us that our modern lifestyle creates. I have come across MANY testimonies of people who have pulled themselves back from a cancer death sentence by totally changing their lifestyle. There are many excellent websites about it. Here’s a blog post I wrote to give people something to investigate, hopefully providing a way forward on things to read up about.



Here’s some other related posts that might be of interest too…



I highly recommend investigating all the topics further.


If I had cancer I would eliminate animal products (especially dairy and meat), cut out fat foods, eat loads of salad greens and cooked greens, alkalise my body – artificially if necessary, oxygenate my body – artificially if necessary, exercise, exercise and exercise and correct nutritional deficiencies. I’d also consider an extended green juice fast with enemas several times a day – doing this for a couple of months. It would make my body squeaky clean inside leaving no place for unhealthy cancer cells. I would probably run a mile at the thought of chemo and possibly radiation. I’d consider surgery only after seeing how things improve after trying out lifestyle changes.

All this is what I would do. Most people would rather be in pain and even die than change their lifestyle though (some of my friends have), so I wouldn’t be surprised if this falls on deaf ears. The modern medical system has brainwashed people into thinking that the doctors decision is final and the only way forward.

Feb 08 2014

Fat v’s Carb’s

Fat v’s Carb’s

Too much fat in your diet, or combining fat and carb’s is what fuels type 2 diabetes and other chronic health issues.

You can’t watch it abroad, but a recent BBC documentary, entitled ‘Sugar v Fat’, took two doctors, who were identical twins. One followed a high fat diet, the other followed a high carb diet.

After one month the high fat doctor lost more muscle mass (even though he was eating lots of meat) and he became pre-diabetic. The high carb doctor outperformed him mentally and physically, totally thrashing him on a cycle ride challenge.

The conclusion was that a high carb low fat diet is much better for health than high fat low carb diet. However, what is totally disastrous for health is a diet combining fat AND carb’s, the worst being a 50/50 ratio of fat/carb calories. That is what is causing the obesity and health issue epidemic in the USA, UK and around the world. Rice and vegetables may be good for you, but not if dressed or cooked in fat! Also eating a diet based on pies, pizza, and burgers will cause you to get fat and put you at much more of a risk of many chronic health issues.

The optimum macro nutrient ratio for health and fitness is approximately 80% or more of calories from carb’s, 10% or less of calories from fat, and 10% or less of calories from protein. This can be achieved by following a whole food, low fat, plant based diet.


Here’s the link to the documentary. Available for a limited time in the UK only.



Kind regards, Stuart Porter:-)



Jan 27 2014

Be alkaline!

Be alkaline!

Since the 1930′s it’s been known that alkaline tissue holds up to 20 times the oxygen content of non alkaline tissue and cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. Search for Otto Warburg, he won the Nobel Prize of 1931. In total, he was nominated an unprecedented three times for the Nobel prize for three separate achievements.

We don’t hear about this from mainstream medicine though as it doesn’t make them any money. Neither do we hear them say “massively increase the amount of greens, vegetables and fruit in your diet, whilst at the same time cut out all processed food, dairy, and animal products”.

ALWAYS look toward changing your lifestyle before being cut, burned or poisoned. Even if you do decide on the cut, burn and poison option, then change your lifestyle anyway, otherwise the same environment inside you is likely to lead to the same condition reoccurring!

Kind regards, Stuart



Jan 19 2014

Benefits of ditching the booze…

Benefits of ditching the booze…

I stopped drinking booze years ago! Our biological need for alcohol is ZERO. The health benefit of it is ZERO. The harm to health, relationships and finance it causes can be devastating.

We enjoy booze because we’ve been socially conditioned to associate alcohol with ‘enjoyment’ and acceptance with friends.

A young child will instinctively be repulsed by alcohol. The constant drip drip of accustoming to alcohol in social settings leads us down the path of ‘enjoying it’, even to the point of addiction in some.

Could you drink water or fruit juice when others are drinking alcohol and still enjoy yourself? I can, but not only that, I enjoy myself even more so than when I used to intoxicate my brain cells. Now even the fumes given off by a stiff drink make me recoil – a bit like a young child might. I’ve broke the mental association of booze and enjoyment.

I have friends who’ve been alcoholics and others who’ve spent much of their income on drink. I’ve seen lives around many heavy drinkers wrecked, their own in particular.

I don’t mind anyone enjoying a drink once in awhile, but I can categorically state that you DON’T need alcohol to have a good time!

Ditching alcohol out of my life was an excellent decision. My confidence has soared, my health has sky rocketed, I have many fantastic friends (many think I’m a total nut-case) and my bank balance has improved too.

I hope this message helps someone who may be better off without alcohol, either – financially, spiritually, emotionally, relationship wise, or health wise.

Kind regards, Stuart  :-)

Jan 08 2014

Do you hate or feel down about yourself?… Well don’t!!!

Do you hate or feel down about yourself? … Well don’t!!!

You need to learn to love and respect yourself. What have you done to yourself to deserve to be hated or down trodden by you of all people?! Get that word hate out of your vocabulary and NEVER use it again! People throw that destructive word around to describe many things. However for 95% of the time it’s totally inappropriate to use it or other destructive words. You should never hate any person, no matter what they’ve done, especially yourself! Hating sin is a different matter though.

The words that you use to express yourself, merely amplify the feelings that you’re expressing with those very words. It’s far better to focus on words or things that take us out of analysing and judging ourselves. You probably need to seek forgiveness for destructive words or for meditating on destructive thoughts about yourself. Ask God to lead you forward and for a hope and a future. Helping others and having goals to work towards is a great way to take your eyes off yourself.

The behaviour of other people in general reflects how we see ourselves. My life got a whole lot better once I decided to do things because I wanted to do them, even if I had no one to do them with. I do many things now just for fun and I’ve pretty much stopped caring what others think of me, but I’ve started caring for others much more! 

Seeking God for who He is and spending time in His presence, not particularly praying for anything or anyone, but asking him to be with me has seriously helped me big style. Becoming healthy has been VITAL too, as has what I focus on.

What we focus on we gravitate towards. If you focus on bad things or negative things then you are inviting them into our life – ignore them!!! Instead find a passion, or a vision, or a dream, go and focus on it and do something about it and you’ll gain immense satisfaction.

I have a totally non-musical background and at almost 49 years old, I’m attempting to learn the guitar and I’m loving it! Your passion might be learning to tie knots, or learning about survival, or cycling, or growing food, or making soup. These are all things I’ve thrown myself into and loved learning about or developing my skills in them. Many things cost absolutely NOTHING. For example I learned to make rope and twine using nothing other than stinging nettles! It really is amazingly strong stuff!!! I had immense fun doing it and I was all on my own. I had a goal, I accomplished it and then I refined my skills in it.

Life is so much more fun when we can focus on something and then go and do something about it. For a few moments, in reading this there’s a good chance that you felt a little bit better in yourself. The reason is not that this is some brilliant blog post, but due to the fact that you are focusing on something that is external to yourself which is hopefully encouraging you to look forward and outward.

It’s homework time!

To finish with, I’d like to challenge you right now to do some home work! Go get a pen and paper, if you don’t have any to hand then just do this exercise in your head.

  • Write down 10 things that are excellent and praiseworthy that you really appreciate or enjoy. You see, focusing on good things, helps make you feel better!
  • Pray and ask God to help you guide your thoughts and to help you to plan a way forward.
  • Then write down an excellent or praiseworthy goal, something that you really want to do or achieve that is realistic. It must be excellent or praiseworthy, so wanting to rob a bank is out of the question I’m afraid! Try and make your goal or vision something that YOU can do something about, rather than having to rely on or require the motivation of others.
  • Write down something that you can DO either right now, or tomorrow, and the next day that will take you a little way towards that goal. The thing that you do could be something as simple as reading up on a website about how to do something, or you could buy a self help book on knitting if that’s what you want to do! Sometimes, part of the doing involves learning first.
  • Each day, try and do the above visualization and writing down exercises to expand or clarify your goal, identifying any clear things to do to help you in the right direction. Each day, remember to also write down 10 special things too! In the tough times you can then look back on this and gain encouragement.

Then go and DO what you’ve planned to do!

If something doesn’t work out then great, you can learn from it – go get on with another thing, or change direction, but keep going.

Have fun and let me know how you get on!

Kind regards, Stuart :-)

Dec 08 2013

Possible natural and alternative cancer therapies

Possible natural and alternative cancer therapies

In my avid quest to get better, over three to four years, I researched, researched and researched different ways to improve my health and recover from chronic fatigue, IBS and depression +plus a few other things. As it happened, most of my recovery was achieved after responding to a prophetic word to sort out my diet, but in the mean time I was fascinated by lots and lots of testimonies and alternative health therapies that I kept coming across.

In summary here’s a few amazing natural or alternative cancer therapies that I’ve come across:

  • Vitamin ‘B17′ & leatrile, apricot kernels and apple seeds.
  • Enemas (just water, but adding other things too, minerals, probiotics etc).
  • Whole food raw diet.
  • Green juicing & chlorophyll rich mineral rich foods.
  • Consuming wild greens.
  • Injecting sodium bicarb directly into tumours, and intravenously (search for cancer is a fungus).
  • Consuming sodium bicarb.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment.
  • Ozone therapy, ozonated oil, ozonated water, ozonating air.
  • Hydrogen peroxide therapy.
  • Flax oil (& budwig diet – may be a conflict with other more beneficial options though).
  • MMS.
  • Consuming seaweed & mineral rich seafood extracts.
  • Spirilina.
  • Clorella.
  • Cutting out crap!
  • Regular sensible sunshine exposure.
  • Regular early nights.
  • Regular steady slow EXERCISE and lots and lots of it!
  • Avoidance of stress.
  • Iodine & supporting nutrients (selenium, magnesium, zinc).
  • Vitamin C and vitamin C intravenous therapy.
  • Increasing the body’s pH & alkalising.
  • Consumption of cannabis and it’s juice (high CBD strains), preferably raw.
  • Barley grass powder, & other gasses, ie. wheatgrass juice.
  • Zapper / terminator.
  • Blood transfusions with seawater!
  • Drinking alkaline water .
  • Consuming sprouts and micro greens (ie sprouted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds).
  • Almost all disease starts in the colon – help your colon to be healthier!

Thoroughly research things before jumping in! I’m just listing things after reading some amazingly interesting articles and testimonies over the past few years.

Why do we get cancer?

When the respiration in cells fail, the cells obtain their energy by fermentation which delivers only about 1/17 of the energy. That’s probably one of the reasons you get so hungry, plus you are possibly having to feed something else (parasites, tumour etc). The fermentation that occurs in the cells is what causes cancer. When cells fail to respirate then cancer develops. Otto Warburg won a couple of Nobel Peace Prizes for discovering that in the 1930′s.


Almost all natural or alternative cancer treatments revolve around:

  • stopping/preventing toxins entering the body.
  • giving the body an easy time to allow it to detox and recover (good diet, less stress, early nights etc.).
  • supporting the body with a healthy high fibre, water rich, plant based diet with a high raw content.
  • mineralising the body, which alkalises the tissues (alkaline tissue is able to hold 20x the amount of oxygen as non alkaline tissue).
  • providing oxygen to tissues (cancer can’t survive in the presence of oxygen). Do this artificially and by by exercise.
  • Move the body (i.e. rebounding) helps the lymph system to detox, and aids cleansing.
  • alkalising the body.
  • Speeding up the digestive system (ie reducing toxic load on the body, this is done by eating high fibre whole food).

Please research the above statements before either attempting to dismiss anything outright, or before trying anything yourself!


Here another interesting article on vitamin C written by me!, this one is to do with heart disease.


I hope you find it interesting. I’d also suggest reading a couple of books.

  • ‘God’s way to ultimate health’. Dr George H. Malkmus with Michael Dye. and
  • ‘The China Study’. Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

If you decide solely on convectional cancer treatment remember this… Unless you improve the environment of your body then you create the conditions for cancer to return! We cannot just rely on Doctors to get better, we need to embrace health too!

I think that gives you plenty of bedtime reading!!!

Kind regards, Stuart :-)

ps. I found this video amazing! Living Proof: Vitamin C – Miracle Cure?

Sep 09 2013

Home grown yummy soup!

Home grown yummy soup!

* I took a shed load of home runner beans off my allotment, then

* Chopped up one of my a GIANT overgrown courgettes, plus

* Added a few giant leaves of my collard greens (like overgrown cabbage that comes back each year), then

*I added a very large mug full of red lentils.


The above was boiled up in a big overflowing pan until everything was tender. Then I blended it all up and returned it back to the cooker. I added a few teaspoons of whole grain mustard and seasoned to taste.

Yummy yummy yummy – nice for my tummy! What awesome soup!!!! :-)


Jun 25 2013

A personal best cycling home!

I JUST DEMOLISHED MY PERSONAL BEST FOR CYCLING HOME!!! I cycled from Stanley to home (near Durham), a distance of almost 14 miles with hills, in 50 minutes 1 second, averaging 16.5mph on my  touring bike with a heavy panier!

Prior to this, I’ve obviously not been trying hard enough in my cycling! Today was different though, I gave it EVERYTHING I had!

For breakfast I ate 2 large bowls of porridge with water and sultanas. Lunch was potatoes and home grown lettuce, plus 2 pieces of fruit for a snack. I also drank 3 litres of water throughout the day (I should have drunk a little more).

After work my gears needed tweaking to enable use of my top gear, I’m sure it helped! I felt like taking it easy as my legs were still a little tired from yesterday but, without thinking about it, I pointed my bike in the direction of the first hill and hit the gas! Once on the railway path to Chester-le-Street, I kept at 20 to 25mph (slowing just for safe overtaking). It’s quite bumpy in places and I’m sure I was occasionally airborne!

As I pulled off the railway path, I thought someone was trying to get my attention after hearing a raised voice. I slowed right down to do a quick check to make sure nothing had fallen off!

I then blasted down hill, burning off another cyclist and headed off under the viaduct and into Chester-le-Street. That’s just over 15 minutes so far!

A few slow cars were in the way, but I managed to cut across the Market Place to avoid them (and the lights), then slogged it hard up the High Street. I took the foot path and foot bridge over the A167 into the Park, passed County Durham Cricket ground, then kept on the pavement to climb to Great Lumley – it was a right slog to keep up a good  pace. I had no time to appreciate the views, or anything else, as I was maxing out my lung capacity and could sense my legs were jellyifying! Thankfully I still had something left by the time I got to the top of Great Lumley, so I managed to keep a decent pace against the headwind towards Finchale Priory. Then a left turn and my legs were jellifying again as I headed off up over the motorway and to the top of West Raignton.

My eye on the clock, I couldn’t slack now. I took the rough footpath along the side of the A690 down towards Carville – another bone shaking ride. I absolutely blasted past another commuter cyclist who looked on in total amazement! Thankfully the Carville A690 cyclist/pedestrian lights were on green, so I quickly made my way across this busy dual carriageway.

Almost there! I couldn’t slack up now, that’s how you lose serious time, so I REALLY hammered it through the estate all the way home. As I slammed on my brakes and my front wheel wheel hit the curb in front of our drive, my mileometer just clocked over at 50 minutes and 1 second!

That’s a new personal best. I pushed myself more than anything I’ve ever done before and I didn’t break myself! I have a pipe dream of making it home one day in under 45 minutes on my existing bike. I think with some more training it looks distinctly possible! I’m amazed and well pleased!

Kind regards, Stuart :-)


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