Apr 18 2010

Sodium bicarbonate, tooth decay and abscesses.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) has been known to rid people of tooth decay, search youtube and the internet for it. Use baking soda as a mouth wash, or occasionally as toothpaste. Don’t brush with it too often though, because baking soda is abrasive. Sodium bicarbonate is very alkaline and is therefore very effective at reversing an acidic condition and halting infection. It has even been used to treat cancer which can’t survive in an alkaline evironment.

Tooth decay is just your body rotting. An abscess is simply an infection that’s trapped, often caused by poor teeth health. An infection is your body breaking down. These natural things are just natures way of recyling us and our unhealthy bodies! Both of these can be prevented or helped by alkalising and mineralising the body. Lots of raw food, less fat, loads of green juices and smoothies is the way. Don’t forget vitamin D3 (or the sunshine), K2 (from greens and possibly supplement), B vitamins (especially b12 – possibly supplement) and magnesium (from greens). People with higher levels of k2 in their saliva tend to have less teeth problems, but that could just mean that they have more minerals in their body overall. If your saliva is more alkaline you’ll also probably experience less teeth problems.

Keep off dried food, dehydrated food and sticky food (eg whole dates, raisons, honey, cooked food, biscuits, sweets etc), these all stick to your teeth. I do eat some of these, but I hydrate them, or have them in smoothies. Keep off any acid forming foods, ie eat almost exclusively raw fruit and vegetables! Keep off fruit juices and snacks between meals. Brush your teeth regularly, especially if you do eat anything dried or sticky.

If you have an infection of any kind, one of the most effective ways at helping your body to heal is to do a fast, or at least fast regularly. Our body goes into healing overdrive when it doesn’t have to process food. How about doing a green juice fast for a week? ie consume just green juice like celery, lettuce and pak choi (bok choy). You’ll get many of the benefits of a fast and at the same time rapidly alkalise and mineralise your body.

You can have a dabble and possibly help your health, or you can do something radical and see radical things happen to your health! It’s up to you. Health is a bit like gambling, if you want to play the game and have a good chance at winning, then you need to use dice that are loaded in your favour!

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  1. Seymour

    Cool! Been thinking about this, too, recently. I have noticed that the worst thing for my mouth is bread and other processed grain based foods. I can feel the film on my teeth afterwards – it’s the kind of thing that the Streptococcus and Lactobacillus loves. In the fossil record, humans start getting tooth decay exponentially once they settle down and start growing grains. I had my first filling ever just a few months ago and it has fallen out already but I reckon I can avoid any further decay by eating right and it helps to have that little reminder in the form of a sensitive tooth. I have been using a homemade toothpaste of salt, bicarb and propolis intermittently for the last couple of years.

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