Mar 05 2012

What’s the cause of ‘Western’ diseases?

What’s the cause of ‘Western’ diseases?

I’m interested to see if I can help with lifestyle issues at a more local level, so today I had a meeting with a lovely lady who has a responsibility for overseeing childhood obesity issues in the region. She is one of only two doctors ever that I’ve personally met who talked about the significance of lifestyle and how it dramatically impacts our own health.

She said something very fascinating about her work as a GP in Ghana and it backs up much of the research that I have I’ve read. Here’s some of her quotes from our conversation:

“Most diseases are linked to cultural practices”.

“Lifestyle diseases are not common in (Ghanaian) villages, their issues are more to do with sanitation”.

“Go to a different area and you see different diseases along with different cultural practices”.

African village

The food that Ghanaian village people tend to eat is based on pure unadulterated whole food. One of their main forms of exercise is walking. It’s not really seen as a form of exercise, it’s more of a mode of transport. The whole food and active lifestyle means that the Ghanaian villagers have little need for any treatment of our Western diseases. That’s not the case with the Ghanaian city folk though, they experience most of the issues we experience here in the so called ‘developed world’.

The other doctor that linked diet and health in the same sentence to me, is one that I came across when I was receiving hospital treatment for digestive problems and bowel issues. He was a young doctor from the far east and stated that my issues were, “caused by a Western lifestyle”.

For my own bowel and digestive issues, despite undergoing procedures and treatment, things didn’t get any better, in fact they became much worse. It was around this time that I started looking into alternatives to see what I could do to improve matters. It was a bit of a rocky road until I learned how to manage my lifestyle, then the issues started to clear up. The biggest lesson that I learned from all this is that, it’s what we do to ourselves that causes most of our diseases. Another way of putting this is, “a Western lifestyle, causes Western diseases”.

Tip of the iceberg.

Here’s just the tip of our Western disease iceberg… cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis. These and many other incapacitating issues are caused largely by man made lifestyle choices. If we can recognise this and choose to go against the flow, no longer conforming to our western lifestyle, then we can massively decrease the risk of succumbing to the West’s biggest diseases. Not only that, there are many cases of people reversing these serious issues simply by removing their lifestyle burdens, plus getting back to nature, whole food and an active lifestyle.


Further reading – book review: The China Study – by T.Colin Campbell

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image credit: Africa village – FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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