Feb 18 2012

How to Breath Easily

How to breath easily….

I was wondering if you’ve ever had any breathing issues? The reason I ask is that, I thought you might like to know how I improved my own breathing. I never thought that I had any issues to complain about, but my wife disagreed with me though! My issues were the sort of thing that most of us just put up with, they were a part of who I was. I didn’t think that I had any issues to do with breathing and therefore I had no desire to be ‘cured’ either.

These breathing issues were just normal for me…

* I used to breath heavily at night often with snoring.
* Sometimes as I was nodding off, I would wake up with a gasp of air after realising I’d not breathed for a while.
* I used to constantly clear my throat, typically at least once a minute for every waking hour.

Although a raw food diet helped to improve some health issues, some were actually made worse. Breathing wasn’t effected either way, positively or negatively.

I really noticed breathing clarity once I cut out the fat from my diet and ate pretty much exclusively low fat vegan plant based whole food. This dramatically helped me to breath more easily and to sleep soundly and quietly.

In the past few years, I’ve done quite a few experiments and had the occasional slip up along the way, with my body usually telling me when I’ve not done something right. I’ve found that these occasional deviations from my desired lifestyle have been be very beneficial from understanding my own health and learning what to keep off and what to continue on with.

These are the worse culprits for triggering old breathing issues, worst is listed first:
1. Being dehydrated.
2. Consuming dairy of any kind; milk, cheese, yogurts, cream etc.
3. Eating animal products.
4. Consuming oil and most types of nuts & seedsl
5. Eating processed grains.
6. Consuming processed food of any kind, especially with any additives or preservatives.
7. Consuming fish, although fish tends to less problematic than the above items.

Here’s what I’ve found helps give clear breathing and prevent snoring:
1. Drinking plenty of water (I drink 3 litres a day).
2. Eating plenty of water rich whole food.
3. Consuming lots of fruit.
4. Eating lot of greens, raw or cooked (these are magnesium rich).
5. Eating low fat plant based carbohydrate rich whole food, preferably raw, but also cooked.
6. Sleeping without a pillow.
7. Getting fit and doing longer, slower, sustained exercise. ie. long walks and long slow jogging or cycling.
8. Adding magnesium chloride flakes to the bath water, or spraying magnesium oil on my body. This aids clear breathing and helps give a sound sleep too (friends have reported truly remarkable results with it. I’ll write more about that in a later article).

As long as I don’t cheat with what I eat and drink, then my breathing at night is pretty much silent. I don’t get sleep apnea either. Also my lifelong habit of having to clear my throat every minute is gone. I can’t remember the last time I had hiccups either.

If you do still get congestion, then great!… and don’t fret about it! Congestion is just your body detoxing, so don’t beat yourself up if you have it, but rejoice that your body is clearing out. Just stop heaping things into your life that cause your body to need to clean out!

When you rest, your body gets to work cleaning and repairing, especially whilst sleeping. That’s why if you have a cold, it always seems worse in the morning. Heavy detox may take a few months, or even a year or too. No matter how clean your diet is though, your body does what is best in the environment that you have created for it.

If you have found that your breathing has been helped as a result of improving your diet then, please leave a reply message on my blog.

I’ve had a few friends contact me saying that they struggled leaving blog post messages. After looking into it, I changed it so that you no longer need to be logged in to leave messages. Instead, to handle spam from those nuisance spamming robots, I installed a spam handling system. So far I’ve not been pestered by robot spam messages and it appears to be working!

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  1. Seymour

    Something that has helped me tremendously is a daily practice of nasal irrigation, “Neti”. This simple and refreshing habit cleanses the sinuses and nasal cavity of all the gunk that gets in there and can get deeper into the system. It reduces the load of pathogens that your body has to compete with on a daily basis. I thoroughly recommend it. Since starting neti once or twice a day it is incredibly rare for me to get a respiratory tract infection and my breathing is much better.

  2. Georgia

    Very interesting Stuart. I have a lot of congestion which hasn’t gone away even though I’ve been low fat raw vegan for a few years now, so any tips are very welcome. I’ll be interested in knowing more about the magnesium chloride – have never heard of it before. And I may try a night without a pillow although I do love my pillow!

  3. Stuart Porter

    The lack of a pillow, compared to being hunched forward in bed with a pillow, is something that opens up the airway when laying flat on your back, on your side, or on your front. Babies sleep without pillows! It took me a couple of months to get used to it though.

    This afternoon, I came back from a friends house and I had a bath with 1.5 lbs of Dead Sea salt, plus 1.5 lbs of Espom Salts added (this is very magnesium rich). Wow!!!! I feel so chilled out and relaxed, yet mentally sharp and… very clear breathing.

  4. Georgia

    Have just borrowed a neti pot from my dad. Your success with it, Seymour, has inspired me to get going with it!

    Stuart, I might try a very flat pillow to start with and progress from there . . .

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